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Music Vidz – In Bloom by Nirvana

I was messing around with the cool lastfm tools over at Heat Haze and I decided to see what unscrobbled tracks it’d recommend. Turns out I had never scrobbled this great track!


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Music Scene News – 13th to 15th August Round-Up

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In the US, the Justice Department has said that the $1.92million damages awarded to the RIAA against a woman who shared 24 songs on Kazaa is fair. I’m speechless.

Nirvana’s 1989 debut album ‘Bleach’ is to be reissued by the Sub Pop label alongside a recording of a 1990 live show in Portland.

Patrick Wolf had a camp little strop when his Cologne gig was cut short. See for yourself:

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are releasing yet another EP next month, titled Higher Than The Stars. 2009 is clearly gonna be a great year for this band.

Tough week for band frontmen. Brian Molko collapsed during Placebo’s Osaka gig and Tom Meighan of Kasabian is quarantined in Australia due to being diagnosed with swine flu.

Delays will be touring in October – playing Southampton, Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester.

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Music Scene News – 28th July Round-Up

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The Fiery Furnaces have a new album, I’m Going Away, due out next month and the brother/sister duo have announced they will both record their own versions in addition to the released one. Kooky huh? I’ll put together a review of the new album soon hopefully!

Minneapolis City Council are considering making all live music events 21+ if alcohol is to be sold. Living in the UK, where everyone already has liver disease by 21, this is a little strange to me. It’ll be a tricky choice for concert promoters – make the event alcohol-free or risk losing all the 18 to 20 year olds that make up a big percentage of audiences.

Get Up Kids reformed for the Bamboozle festival then felt they should apologise incase they had helped create the emo movement. Har.

The 2009 Q Awards voting has opened. Go HERE if you wanna take part.

Guitar Hero 5 is due out in the autumn (or fall, meh) and included are Garbage, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Nirvana and … er … Coldplay!?!

Interesting file-sharing trial going on this week in Boston. Joel Tennenbaum is accused of file-sharing via Kazaa and is being represented by a Harvard law professor.

Finally, Jane’s Addiction vocalist Perry Farrell has said his groin is in control when he gets on stage and he gets the urge to have sex. Whatever works for ya man – keep makin’ the music.

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