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Music Scene News – 20th & 21st August Round-Up

latest news

Bon Iver going to do a 27th September gig in a cemetery at 6am. Venue is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA.

Camera Obscura kick off their European tour in Wales on Sunday. They will tour right through until November and head for America.

It seems GGF’s purchase of The Pirate Bay is now in doubt after their shares were suspended on the Swedish stock exchange.

Be careful if you are trying to buy tickets for the Reading/Leeds festival. There are a lot of fake sites springing up.

The Rakes are touring in America from 31st October.

The banned Rolling Stones documentary Cocksucker Blues, featuring hookers and coke snorting has found its way online. See part of it HERE

Passion Pit are opening for Phoenix at New York Summerstage next month and will then head off to other states to do their own headline shows.


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Music Scene News – 18th & 19th August Round-Up

latest news

I’ve previously mentioned that Myspace Transmissions is pretty cool and the latest stuff to be added is from the ever-excellent Eels. Check it out, and grab your free downloads, HERE

Mani from the Stone Roses celebrated the 20-year reissue of the their debut album by pointing out that it is still more relevant today than most of the “dull as dishwater, safe, unimaginative” comtemporary releases. You can see a film made during the production of this iconic album HERE

Elbow are due to record the follow-up to the Mercury Music Prize winning album ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ next month.

Weezer to call their new album ‘Raditude’ – uhm, mmkay.

Calvin Harris has had a little Twitter tantrum about big bad journalists giving his album low scores without properly listening to the material. I’ll go one stage futher – I haven’t heard a single track yet and I’ll confidently state it’s more inane vanity-driven nonsense from the guy who is a legend in his own imagination. Howzat?

Flaming Lips have announced that MGMT and Karen O will feature on the new album.

Impressive track-listing for the upcoming Beatles – Rock Band game. If you like that sorta thing.

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Music Scene News – 16th & 17th August Round-Up

latest news

Radiohead have released yet another new track and you can download it from their website for free! The track is called These Are My Twisted Words. Get it HERE

The XX and Lovvers both release albums today and Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian have singles out. I’ll review The XX album soon!

The Dandy Warhols have covered Blackbird (The Beatles). Listen HERE

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Music Scene News – 13th to 15th August Round-Up

latest news

In the US, the Justice Department has said that the $1.92million damages awarded to the RIAA against a woman who shared 24 songs on Kazaa is fair. I’m speechless.

Nirvana’s 1989 debut album ‘Bleach’ is to be reissued by the Sub Pop label alongside a recording of a 1990 live show in Portland.

Patrick Wolf had a camp little strop when his Cologne gig was cut short. See for yourself:

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are releasing yet another EP next month, titled Higher Than The Stars. 2009 is clearly gonna be a great year for this band.

Tough week for band frontmen. Brian Molko collapsed during Placebo’s Osaka gig and Tom Meighan of Kasabian is quarantined in Australia due to being diagnosed with swine flu.

Delays will be touring in October – playing Southampton, Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester.

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Music Scene News – 10th to 12th August Round-Up

latest news

Jack White is bringing The Dead Weather to the UK in October. Gig dates are:

# Manchester Academy (October 19)

# Newcastle O2 Academy (21)

# Edinburgh Picture House (22)

# Leeds O2 Academy (23)

# Bristol O2 Academy (25)

# Birmingham O2 Academy (26)

# London Brixton O2 Academy (29)

Morrissey has been urging fans not to buy the back-catalogue collections that are being released as he will not gain financially from it. Bless.

Pete Doherty has been banned from the front seat of every vehicle as a result of failing to admit who was driving when busted previously.

Nick Cave is due to publish his 2nd novel next month. It’s called The Death of Bunny Munro.

An umbrella organisation for the UK music industry has surveyed 14 to 24 year olds on their listening habits. 61% of those who completed the survey stated that they preferred to obtain their music via illegal downloads. Only 22% would pay for premium streaming services and half of those individuals would still download music illegaly.

Built To Spill will soon begin their US tour, with their 7th studio album due out in October.

Bizarrely, Dizzee Rascal revealed he threatened to punch Prince Harry backstage at the Wireless festival earlier this year.

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Music Scene News – 8th/9th August Round-Up

latest news

The Times reports that digital music retailers are trying to combat users purchasing only selected tracks by looking to return to the days of the vinyl album when there were various goodies given out in the form of cover art and sleeve notes etc. Can we successfully go back to this time now we live in a ‘I want it all now’ consumer society? I’m not so sure we can.

The Answering Machine have a new single, Oklahoma, out today. You can watch the vid HERE – the band have also announced 5 October tour dates in the UK.

The XX are advance streaming their new album over at NME. UK-based listeners can hear the whole thing HERE whilst those outside the UK should still get 30 second previews of each track. I was already planning to review this album so I’ll hopefully get something up over the next week or so.

Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has said his autumn album will “…capture the catchiness of modern music but at the same time the power and seriousness of classical music and older music. In general, the goal is to inspire. I guess that’s what art is supposed to do.” We shall see.

Thom Yorke has said that Radiohead may never make another full-length album, preferring to focus on singles and EPs instead.

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Music Scene News – 7th August Round-Up

latest news

Jamie T did something we all have nightmares about. He deleted his entire i-tunes library whilst trying to move files. Not backing up our precious choons is bad kids, mkay?

Morrissey’s solo output from 1988 until 1995 is to be released on vinyl from October. The material will be split into 88-91 and 91-95.

Muse are rumoured to be planning a couple of homecoming gigs in September, just before the release of their new album. Plans are afoot for shows at Teignmouth in Devon where the band formed.

Lollapalooza got underway in Chicago. Opening day lineup included Gaslight Anthem, Bon Iver, Peter Bjorn And John, Of Montreal and Depeche Mode.

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Music Scene News – 6th August Round-Up

latest news

The Courteeners are hard at work on their next album. The follow up to St Jude will be released next year.

Glasvegas are to continue with their habit of recording in Los Angeles and frontman James Allan is moving out there to live permanently. I bet his Scottish accent gets thicker 😉

I’m very impressed with Ryan Gosling’s acting abilities but can’t say I’ve been wowed by his music yet. Anyway, his band (Dead Man’s Bones) are due to release a debut album in October.

Global Gaming Factory are pressing ahead with turning The Pirate Bay into a legal download site and the changeover should happen at the end of this month.

Drummer Jesse Sandoval has now confirmed he was fired from The Shins.

Bizarrely, Bob Dylan is going to do a Christmas album.

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Music Scene News – 4th August Round-Up

latest news

Jack White is releasing a new single next week, titled Fly Farm Blues. It was written whilst filming It Might Get Loud with guitar legends Jimmy Page…The Edge.

Yet another new supergroup has been formed and this time Jack White isn’t involved. Them Crooked Vultures will consist of Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.

Radiohead have released a single in memory of the last living British Word War 1 veteran who died, aged 111, last month.

NME have published their latest ‘Future 50’ list of musical innovators HERE

The Modest Mouse vid for King Rat has been released. It’s dark cartoon fayre and was being directed by Heath Ledger before his death. Watch it below:

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