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Music Vidz – Totem on the Timeline by Klaxons

And another.


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Music Vidz – Serpentine by Peaches

From the latest album ‘I Feel Cream’

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Music Vidz – The Musik by Ebony Bones

Just listened to the latest Ebony Bones album and this was one of the best tracks on it. Pretty cool vid too.

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Music Vidz – Sleepyhead by Passion Pit (live at KEXP)

Another from the KEXP vaults.

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Album Review – Kingdom of Welcome Addiction by IAMX

Kingdom of Welcome Addiction by IAMX


IAMX features Chris Corner from Sneaker Pimps (with a lot of goth make-up on) and is described as synth-rock.

The album opens with “Nature of Inviting” and seems to set out a darker form of dance music. It took me until about 3 minutes into the track before I really tuned into what was being attempted here but I got there in the end. The title track is up next and it starts well, with overblown and dramatic instrumentation. The vocals fit in well and by now I’m thinking I get it. Dance music that goths can also enjoy – LOL.

“Tear Garden” follows and features some war-cry drumming and high-note piano that creates an interesting mental picture alongside Corner’s vocals. Imogen Heap features on “My Secret Friend” and the track is brooding but unspectacular. “I For An I” has a bit of defiant anger built in and sounds like it could feature in a movie quite easily. “I Am Terrified” begins with very straightforward piano chords and a more delicate vocal. This track felt a little less ‘darkwave’ than the others and worked pretty well as a reflective ballad. It leads on to “Think of England” and I thought this track contained the right amount of energy and the vocals didn’t feel as gothic.

Next up was “The Stupid, The Proud” and I was really drawn to this track. It was slowly paced and reflective but seemed to cause me to stop and pay attention to the lyrics more than the others did. The optimistically titled “You Can Be Happy” isn’t all that interesting but “The Great Shipwreck Of Life” has a bit more oomph to it. The album finishes with a touching tale of loneliness in the form of “Running”.

This is a very difficult album to rate for me as I had such mixed reactions to it. I can’t give it a low mark as I felt it had some high points but I also can’t justify rating it too highly as it felt rather obvious and cliched at other points.

Overall then – 7/10 from me. Defiitely worth a listen and maybe you will have a bigger ‘hate’ or ‘love’ reaction than I did.

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Music Vidz – Drugs In My Body by Thieves Like Us


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Album Review – Un by Dan Black

Un by Dan Black


Dan Black is a British electronica artist based in Paris and was previously a member of alt rock band The Servant. He has been hyped by a fairly respectable source, namely Zane Lowe.

The album starts well with “Symphonies”. It is extremely melodic and quickly gets you into head-nodding, thigh-slapping territory. Next up is “U + Me =” which, just as it started to feel a little too light, introduced some deep bass-y vocals. “Ecstacy” is the next track and takes the pace down a little but definitely keeps the head nodding going with a couple of good hook lines. “Alone” is the track he had released last year and it’s very listenable, building up from a slow start to a crescendo of beats and then easing off again before raising the tempo back up.

Track 5 is “Cocoon” and begins with a moody intro joined by acoustic guitar and then Black’s vocals. It’s a little too much of a poor-man’s ballad to be honest. Black seems to work much better when he keeps messing around with the tempo and maintains high energy. “Yours” jumps on the funky train, mixing disco, Latin and RnB influences and leads into “Pump My Pumps”, a track that has a very pleasing bassline and then “Wonder” keeps us on edge with a slow opening accompanied by a menacing beat.

“Cigarette Pack” and “Life Slash Dreams” get a little too slow for my liking and then “I Love Life” raises things a little again with some crisp lyrics and samples. The album ends with “Let Go”, a track that sounds much more British than the others and finishes things on a pretty mellow vibe.

There’s an obvious combination of RnB and Electro templates with this album and it works well. It isn’t exceptionally clever or as cutting-edge as some fans seem to think but, if it’s not overly analysed, the album stands up strong and will definitely have you, at the very least, moving around in your chair.

7.5/10 and certainly worth a listen.

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Music Vidz – Focker by Late of the Pier

Geek love ❤

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Album Review – LP by Discovery


Reviewing albums would be a lot easier if I could simply split them into ‘love’ and ‘hate’ piles. Unfortunately, most albums fall between those two opposites and this album is no exception.

Discovery is a side-project of Wes Miles (Ra Ra Riot) and Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and LP is their first commercial foray. I can see positives and negatives in this album. One track that evokes both is “It’s Not My Fault (It’s My Fault).” This is actually a good little tune with a very pleasing beat but the lyrics made me want to rupture my eardrums. To paraphase: “It’s Not My Fault. It’s Not My Fault. It’s Not My Fault. It’s My Fault … You Just Keep On Saying The Same Thing, Over And Over, Doesn’t Mean Anything, You Just Keep On Saying The Same Thing, Over and Over, Doesn’t Mean Anything.” Maybe I’m just having a sense of humour failure here though.

They also bravely include a cover version of I Want You Back. I’m still undecided whether that was a good move but it certainly isn’t an awful effort. There is also a track called So Insane that I thought was pretty strong.

The downside to this album, for me, is that it is all just a little bit too laid back. I understand they were trying to mesh soul and electro but I like my electro to have some kick to it and this just didn’t.

Not awful but not something I’d rush back to either. 6/10.

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Music Vidz – 3 Little Words by Frankmusik

Totally camp and stitched together with old Amiga game tunes but what’s not to like?

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