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Album Review – Armistice by Mute Math


Mute Math are an alt rock band from New Orleans and Armistice is the long-awaited follow up to their self-titled 2006 EP. The album opens with ‘The Nerve’ and Cage The Elephant and Kasabian instantly came to mind during this track. Unfortunately, the track outperformed neither.

‘Backfire’ felt weak to me and suggested a definite attempt at being radio-friendly and becoming bland. Sure, it’s got a hook in it but that in itself doesn’t impress me much (apologies to Shania Twain). ‘Clipping’ worked okay I guess. Some have said this track is very Muse-like but it was Evanescence who popped into my head.

‘Spotlight’ had a catchy opening but again I was forced to think of a poor imitation of a couple of Kasabian tracks. And, to be honest, Paul Meany’s vocals are exceptionally generic. ‘No Response’ perked me up a little. It seemed more inventive and, although the lyrics were a little obvious, the track worked well. I guess it was a little like a piece of Radiohead-style introspection.

‘Pins and Needles’ definitely follows the same script. Thom Yorke needn’t worry himself but this was another decent enough track. ‘Goodbye’ brought the tempo back up but it was a whiney track with generic disco-beat instrumentation. ‘Odds’ was interestingly crafted and actually fairly atmospheric. Didn’t mind that one too much!

‘Electrify’ contained a couple of hooks and had good energy but seemed a little cheesy to me. ‘Armistice’ started with some nice guitar work that led into decent vocals until the chorus took the train to cheeseville again. Gosh, I’m such a neg-head tonight huh!

‘Lost Year’ starts off like a generic piano-rock ballad and pretty much stays like that. I must confess, I decided to give the bonus tracks a miss so the album ended for me with ‘Burden’ – a track that might have Jamiroquai consulting lawyers.

I hate being so dismissive of creative output but I have to say that Mute Math have had their chance to show they can develop their early promise and have bombed completely. I just don’t see where they fit in now – other than being poor versions of other stuff.

Seriously, I pretty much detest this album I’m afraid. 4/10 for having two or three tracks I could listen to without stabbing myself.


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