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Album Review – Miike Snow by Miike Snow


I should begin by pointing out that this album has been out for around two months already but I have so much music to listen to that I’m a lil behind with reviews. Apologies ๐Ÿ™‚

To get the band title out of the way, it isn’t a spelling error. Those crazy guys decided to name the band after a friend and added an extra ‘i’ for effect. The album opens with a strong track called ‘Animal’ – unashamedly pop music but with good layering of instrumentation to give it a less straightforward vibe. ‘Burial’ is up next – a more subdued but every bit as catchy track as the opener. The plinky-plonky instrumentation on this track doesn’t automatically fit with the lyrics but, if anything, that gave it extra charm.

‘Silvia’ is 6 minutes long and isn’t unpleasant but I was left with a sense of them trying too hard for an epic ballad whereas a tight 3-minute exploration would have been plenty. ‘Song For No One’ followed – initially punctuated by a marching band drum beat before settling into a laid-back summer groove. Not a bad track but unlikely to have much lasting appeal. ‘Black & Blue’ is a solid piece of ‘handbag’ dancefloor music with over-the-top synths and slickly delivered camp vocals.

‘Sans Soleil’ instantly took my mind to the beach but the story behind the song takes things in another direction (which was kinda expected from the title!). It’s a nice track with a lot of heart. The wonderfully titled ‘A Horse Is Not A Home’ followed but unfortunately the song didn’t live up to the promising title. This felt like something recycled from the 80s without anything new being added. I’ve gotta say, I found this track extremely annoying.

‘Cult Logic’ was up next and I also found that one annoying by around 1 minute into the track so I was starting to lose some faith in this collection. ‘Plastic Jungle’ did little to dismiss my pessimism with no real sense of originality of excitement coming from the track. It felt like pop-by-numbers. ‘In Search Of’ was a moodier affair but it did little to engage me. The album ended with ‘Faker’ and this wasn’t too bad a track. It felt like a bit of 60s pop.

Finding out that two of the guys had done production work for Britney Spears made sense. It felt to me as if she, or any other current pop singer, could have performed these songs. Don’t get me wrong – I like camp! Hell, I even love the Frankmusik stuff but this album just didn’t have enough balls. A couple of decent tracks and a couple of ok ones with the rest of the album being annoying or quickly forgettable.

I’m afraid I can’t score this very highly at all. 6/10 from me.


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