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Album Review – Julian Plenti is Skyscraper by Julian Plenti


Julian Plenti is more commonly known as Paul Banks from Interpol. However, he has been working under the Plenti name since before Interpol made it big.

I have to say that the first two tracks did nothing for me at all. Both ‘Only If You Run’ and ‘Fun That We Have’ sounded like poor Interpol songs. ‘Skyscraper’ is up next and sounds like a movie soundtrack, taking fully 2 minutes before any vocals kick in. It’s certainly atmospheric but didn’t leave me with very positive feelings. ‘Games For Days’ is another that sounds very like Interpol … but in a good way. I like this track – full of urgent guitar and stop-start vocal delivery.

‘Madrid Song’ heads back into soundtrack mode with very raw instrumentation and sparse, repeated vocals. In a funny way, it felt more hopeless than ‘Skyscraper’ but more appealing. ‘No Chance Survival’ is a strangely soothing track – almost a lullaby for the dark night of the soul. ‘Unwind’ heads in a completely different direction as trumpets blare to announce crackly vocal samples before Plenti’s booming delivery gets into full swing. It’s actually not a bad track at all – I just wasn’t very sure what I was listening to.

‘Girl On The Sporting News’ seems to be a bluesy lament about a female sports presenter – demonstrating the weakness of the male DNA in being dazzled by the good-looking women that get put on sports programmes to keep guys excited. ‘On The Esplanade’ is another track that almost has a lullaby feel to it but I felt I had heard it already, and done better, with ‘No Chance Survival’.

‘Fly As You Might’ is instantly forgettable and then the album ends with ‘H’ – a strange track that I couldn’t really settle into, though I have a feeling I wasn’t meant to.

Overall, the album contains a few tracks I think are pretty good but more that are fairly poor. I’d therefore score the album 6.5/10.


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