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Album Review – Jewellery Quarter by The Twang


I like The Twang. A lot of music writers say I should be ashamed of myself for such a sin. Fortunately, I’m not too bothered about what others want me to think. I like them for the same reasons I like bands like The Enemy. They aren’t highbrow and they don’t display musical genius and their lyrics are never going to win awards but they feel honest. They are everyday guys singing about everyday stuff. Sometimes it’s best not to analyse why you like something mind you.

Jewellery Quarter is a deluxe 2-CD set and is the second album from the Birmingham bunch. It contains 18 tracks altogether if you include an acoustic version of Barney Rubble. The album is, in one respect, more of the same when measured against their debut album. That in itself is no bad thing but I do think this collection shows a little progress in terms of finding a musical style. There seems to be a little more restraint and a dash more coherence to the structure of the tracks.

Most tracks are pretty decent and the album flows nicely and is easy to nod along to. I’ll highlight a few tracks worthy of individual attention. The aforementioned Barney Rubble is, I believe, the first single (I never listen to singles charts so I’m never entirely sure) and it’s a competent track. Put It On The Dancefloor is probably a better track and has an energy that demands the listener sings along. Encouraging Sign displays a charming mix of sadness and naive optimism while Got No Interest reflects upon the cards we are dealt in life.

Overall, an enjoyable album. 7.5/10 from me.


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