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Spotify – A New Way To Access Music


For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Spotify, I’ll briefly explain what it is. Actually, no – I’ll let Spotify explain themselves:

“Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it you’ll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want.

There are no restrictions in terms of what you can listen to or when. Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download and fill up your hard drive before you get round to organising them. Spotify is instant, fun and simple.

Because music is social, Spotify allows you to share songs and playlists with friends, and even work together on collaborative playlists, Friday afternoon in the office might never be the same again! We’re music lovers like everyone else.

We want to connect millions of people with their favorite songs by creating a product that people love to use. We respect creativity and believe in fairly compensating artists for their work. We’ve cleared the rights to use the music you’ll listen to in Spotify.”

Neat, huh? There is a downside though – it’s only currently available in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s a really great resource. One of the cool features (in addition to having instant access to all this music free of charge!) is the ability to create playlists either on your own or in collaboration with others.

This set me thinking …. for those who are in the countries mentioned above, how about I start putting together some Spotify playlists for you to access?

Also, please comment on this thread or contact me if you are interested in collaborating on some playlists.

This could be fun 🙂


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  1. Uh, for a while you could get an account from Germany which is why I have one and I’m LOVING it! Do you still need invites from the UK? If so, I have some because my friends cannot use it (from Germany).

    Comment by juliaL49 | August 6, 2009 | Reply

    • I’m not too sure if the invite method is still operational. If so, I think I have a few left too. There are ways to access it from outwith the designated countries but that involves using a proxy server.

      I think it’ll get better and better as more content keeps being added.

      Comment by hotjack | August 6, 2009 | Reply

      • Well the proxy server is what worked for me but that was back in feb. Now it doesn’t work anymore (just like with Pandora).

        Comment by juliaL49 | August 7, 2009

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