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Album Review – No One’s First And You’re Next by Modest Mouse

No One’s First And You’re Next by Modest Mouse


Firstly, I should begin by saying what this isn’t. It isn’t, strictly speaking, an album. An EP would be the official tag. Also, it isn’t actually any new material. Rather, it is unreleased work from the previous two albums.

Ok, so now we have that out of the way, is it any good? Well, one could be forgiven by jumping to the conclusion that material not deemed good enough for the previous two albums might be fairly crappy. However, that isn’t the case. Listen, this stuff isn’t going to blow your mind. It’s standard-fayre Modest Mouse. No more – no less.

If you like Modest Mouse you’ll probably enjoy this collection. If you aren’t a fan of the band, this stuff will never change your view. Crappy album review, I know, (although it isn’t really an album but we covered that!) but those are the bare bones of it.

If I had to pick out some tracks I preferred I’d go for Satellite Skin, Perpetual Motion Machine and History Sticks To Your Feet … but none of them are going to feature in my all-time favourites.

6.5/10 from me. Hardly torture to sit through but isn’t going to set my world alight either.


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