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Album Review – Kingdom of Welcome Addiction by IAMX

Kingdom of Welcome Addiction by IAMX


IAMX features Chris Corner from Sneaker Pimps (with a lot of goth make-up on) and is described as synth-rock.

The album opens with “Nature of Inviting” and seems to set out a darker form of dance music. It took me until about 3 minutes into the track before I really tuned into what was being attempted here but I got there in the end. The title track is up next and it starts well, with overblown and dramatic instrumentation. The vocals fit in well and by now I’m thinking I get it. Dance music that goths can also enjoy – LOL.

“Tear Garden” follows and features some war-cry drumming and high-note piano that creates an interesting mental picture alongside Corner’s vocals. Imogen Heap features on “My Secret Friend” and the track is brooding but unspectacular. “I For An I” has a bit of defiant anger built in and sounds like it could feature in a movie quite easily. “I Am Terrified” begins with very straightforward piano chords and a more delicate vocal. This track felt a little less ‘darkwave’ than the others and worked pretty well as a reflective ballad. It leads on to “Think of England” and I thought this track contained the right amount of energy and the vocals didn’t feel as gothic.

Next up was “The Stupid, The Proud” and I was really drawn to this track. It was slowly paced and reflective but seemed to cause me to stop and pay attention to the lyrics more than the others did. The optimistically titled “You Can Be Happy” isn’t all that interesting but “The Great Shipwreck Of Life” has a bit more oomph to it. The album finishes with a touching tale of loneliness in the form of “Running”.

This is a very difficult album to rate for me as I had such mixed reactions to it. I can’t give it a low mark as I felt it had some high points but I also can’t justify rating it too highly as it felt rather obvious and cliched at other points.

Overall then – 7/10 from me. Defiitely worth a listen and maybe you will have a bigger ‘hate’ or ‘love’ reaction than I did.


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