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Music Scene News – 29th July Round-Up

latest news have a great interview with Benny Horowitz from Gaslight Anthem HERE – I especially like this part:

“If we keep going and writing songs, eventually people will see us for us and not have to compare us to anyone else. I can honestly tell you that I’m tired of the Bruce Springsteen question, because it’s in every fucking interview. But if there is someone to be compared to – he’s not a bad person at all to be compared to. It’s the Killers ones that piss me off. I’ve seen that a couple times and that makes me mad. Those guys are a bunch of fucking corndicks … There’s a couple songs on Sam’s Town where I guess I can see something, just because they are song oriented. But just the way those guys present themselves and their whole vibe and all that shit, has got nothing to do with us. So when I hear that I’m like “Fuck! The Killers? I hate that band! Just stop.” Look out for The Killers and Gaslight Anthem touring stadiums together soon.

Echo & The Bunnymen have a new album out in October. It’ll be called The Fountain and they will be touring to support it. Gotta say, I’m interested to see what they come up with this time around as their last album, Siberia in 2005, was pretty tight.

The tabloid muck-raking re Amy Winehouse continues apace this week with sordid tales about her sex life and drug taking. *yawn*

Avoid the London O2 Arena as Joss Stone and Ronan Keating are amongst those planning to take part in a collaboration gig.


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