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Album Review – A French Kiss In The Chaos by Reverend And The Makers

A French Kiss In The Chaos by Reverend And The Makers


Reverend (John McClure) And The Makers today release their second studio album, A French Kiss In The Chaos. Their debut effort, The State of Things, received mixed reviews last year. My personal view was that I thought it was a decent debut with some very good hooks and melodies but that the band would have to mature beyond that level to survive next time around.

John McClure is a very political guy. He has been a high-profile voice against the rise of the British National Party in the UK and, whilst it is refreshing to hear a frontman with an opinion, I felt the debut album made some rather obvious political statements.

The new album opens brilliantly with Silence Is Talking, a fantastic summer track. If you listen to it and notice it sounds familiar it is because it samples Low Rider by War. The next couple of tracks are pleasant enough but don’t really display any huge development by the band. Track 4 does though. Professor Pickles is another very good track. It is more similar in feel to the opener, having a more laid-back, almost psychedelic, feel to it. The vibe continues with Long Long Time, actually bringing The Beatles to mind.

No Soap In A Dirty War is the next track and is inoffensively unspectacular. Manifesto/People Shapers sounded like a bit of a jumble to me and over 5 minutes of the track was more than enough for me. Mermaids is a jaunty track and The End is easy to listen to, although the chorus is a little whiny. The album ends with Hard Time For Dreamers, a fairly introspective ballad with an incongruous key-change and another chorus that becomes grating.

As a whole, I see some promise in this album. I think what lets the band down, and why they are given such a hard time by the music press, is because of the sense of being preached to by McClure in his lyrics. His previous publicity stunt where he announced he was retiring from music probably hasn’t helped matters.

I think the album contains at least 3 tracks of a reasonable quality though and the collection holds together well enough as a package. I really can’t be too harsh on this album and I hope the band continue to progress away from trying to be a clever protest outlet.



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