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Palomine – A New Approach to Music Marketing


I was contacted by Levi from Belgian indie band Palomine. I was very impressed with the creative way they are attempting to launch their new CD and I have copied, below, much of the information Levi provided. If you would like to get involved in this exciting project, please access the website Levi mentions. You can get a little more information on the band, including some audio and video, HERE

Dear Jack,

I play in the band Palomine. Our first cd, released two years ago, did get good airplay on national radio and tv. Our second album, “Attention Alpha”, is just recorded. But as you all know, the promo machine has to start again, at the launch of each cd.

We are not signed with a Major. Only to a indie label (LC MUSIC). We do not have distribution from a major either. We have distribution from LC MUSIC.

So, the promo we also have to do ourselves. What we are doing for the launch of this cd:
We think you must send out a positive, challenging and interactive idea, so this is our statement:

We won’t release our cd until at least one person from each country of the world had a chance listening to it. This is no joke. A real challenge, yes! There are 194 countries associated with the United Nations. ( + The Vatican, which will be a tricky one)

We had a lot of thinking about this, and so we started the campaign (one week ago actually): “The world is listening”. You can check this out on

What is our goal: make a buzz about the cd with a simple but fun idea, then the media will hopefully follow (see below).
We don’t aim for world domination. We just want attention for the cd so we can play decent gigs.

So how does this work: at least one person of each country has to make a video message of themself, where they say something about Palomine, in their native language. All video messages are uploaded on youtube. (actually, people can simply upload their movie on and then we upload it to youtube)
All movies will be centralised on They can keep track of the progress of our project.

After people uploaded their video message, they get a login code to download the new cd including artwork for free.

You may think: how are you planning to get all those people willing to do this: surfing to your site, making a video, uploading a video?
Well, we use myspace (you can search by country there), facebook, youtube, interpals, couchsurfers, blogs, aid organisations (they are spread all over the world), … The rest is viral.
It is not that we want to have those movies by next week. It maybe half a year, maybe longer. That is not a problem. The summer is not a good time for us to release a cd anyway.

We get loads of hits! Funny actually, if you think about the fact that we are not a world famous band.
In a weeks time, people from 47 countries have visited the site. Some already uploaded a video.

With our first cd, we went to the media ourselves. Now, they seem to come to us. A few days after we started, we had inqueries from 2 big newspapers here in Belgium.

What does this cost us? No money, only time. (a LOT): It’s a DIY project:
I made a teaser
and brother and I made the website ourselves. (he is also in the band, playing keys).

Some might say: then you give away free cd’s to maybe hundreds of people (every person who makes a video gets the cd for free, even if we already have a video for that country)
Yep, that’s true, but hey, we don’t care about that. We don’t live from our music (we all have dayjobs). We think it’s more important that people actually get the chance to listen to our music.

We think it’s fun. We get good response from all over the world. And, we’ll see what comes out.


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