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Album Review – LP by Discovery


Reviewing albums would be a lot easier if I could simply split them into ‘love’ and ‘hate’ piles. Unfortunately, most albums fall between those two opposites and this album is no exception.

Discovery is a side-project of Wes Miles (Ra Ra Riot) and Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and LP is their first commercial foray. I can see positives and negatives in this album. One track that evokes both is “It’s Not My Fault (It’s My Fault).” This is actually a good little tune with a very pleasing beat but the lyrics made me want to rupture my eardrums. To paraphase: “It’s Not My Fault. It’s Not My Fault. It’s Not My Fault. It’s My Fault … You Just Keep On Saying The Same Thing, Over And Over, Doesn’t Mean Anything, You Just Keep On Saying The Same Thing, Over and Over, Doesn’t Mean Anything.” Maybe I’m just having a sense of humour failure here though.

They also bravely include a cover version of I Want You Back. I’m still undecided whether that was a good move but it certainly isn’t an awful effort. There is also a track called So Insane that I thought was pretty strong.

The downside to this album, for me, is that it is all just a little bit too laid back. I understand they were trying to mesh soul and electro but I like my electro to have some kick to it and this just didn’t.

Not awful but not something I’d rush back to either. 6/10.


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