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Album Review – Bells and Whistles by Chase Pagan

Bells and Whistles by Chase Pagan


Chase Pagan is a quirky fellow. Think of a genetic mixture of Rufus Wainwright, Devendra Banhart and Duke Special and you are fairly close. His latest release contains 13 tracks that take you on a similar journey to an avant garde cabaret trip.

I found the whole experience very gratifying. I admit to being a sucker for overblown and theatrical performances and Chase Pagan certainly manages that. He accentuates his vocal delivery with breathy gasps that makes the experience feel all the more ‘real’ as opposed to listening to the output of an auto-tuner and a slick production team.

There are initially three tracks I am most fond of – Life Garden, Warrior and John & Betty and, although there were a couple of songs I lost interest in a little, most of the rest of the album stands up well. Despite his style being a little vaudeville (no bad thing!) his melodies aren’t simply quirky. They are complex and satisfying.

This is an album that most will find uplifting. I can understand the view that he is best in limited doses but it’s certainly an album I will be returning to. An impressed 7.5/10.

Bonus – some footage of Chase performing Sailor’s March


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