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Unsigned Artist Alert – Taylor Vieger


I’m happy to say that Indie Music Hour has been contacted by another independent artist and he is comfortable with me doing a write-up on his work for the blog. Step forward Mr Taylor Vieger.

From Taylor’s own bio:

“Taylor starting playing music when his grandfather taught him Green Sleaves on the piano when he was 7. He then went on to sing with Barney and Friends, The Texas Boys Choir, and The Vocal Majority. As he progressed vocally and in musical tastes and sensabilities his world opened up when he studied music at the University of North Texas. After a short adventure in Los Angeles with a dance-rock band he has since moved back to Texas where his roots remained all along. There he is inspired daily by his wife, family and friends and Richard Turtle. He plays all around Texas. The way it SHOULD be.”

The first thing you’ll likely notice about Taylor (after the beard) is the quality of his voice. I was very much impressed by how much control he had over it and how he could move between honeyed tones and falsetto, seemingly without much effort. Whilst I was listening, I was trying to think about which well-known vocalists he reminded me of and, at different points during the songs, 4 actually came to mind. The fact they are as diversely different as Bryan Ferry, Jeff Buckley, James Taylor and Chris Isaak says a lot for Taylor’s vocal versatility.

I guess I’d describe the genre loosely as folk-rock but that is probably way too narrow a definition as I picked up a few different elements during listening.

You can access many of Taylor’s tracks here and here and his latest album, Whiplash Ballroom is available to buy via i-tunes: Taylor Vieger at i-tunes


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