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I just knew it’d be the Morrissey review that did it. I’m now in a secret location with a changed name and a false beard to protect my life. 😉

Despite the tongue in cheek cartoon above, I don’t actually place very much weight on my opinions of bands or albums these days. Discovering resources such as lastfm has demonstrated to me very clearly that my taste isn’t so wacky or special. In fact, I can think of many, many people whose opinion I’d listen to before mine. So why write reviews then, huh? Well, I’m simply a lover of music who also enjoys communicating. Giving my opinion is always something I’m happy to do, even if nobody asks for it! That doesn’t mean I consider it sacred though, far from it.

Getting back to Moz, the review of his new album prompted a comment from an angry fan that I decided not to publish. I really did want to publish it as I love it when something triggers debate but unfortunately his post had gone way too far into personal insult territory to be useful or constructive.

But yeah, please do comment – whether you agree or disagree, I truly would value YOUR opinions 🙂


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