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Album Review – …And The Ever Expanding Universe by The Most Serene Republic

…And The Ever Expanding Universe by The Most Serene Republic


This is the third full-length album by Canadian indie rock outfit The Most Serene Republic. It’s certainly a diverse collection, leaning heavily on creative instrumentation and demonstrating an array of styles.

I must admit, my first reaction was “what the hell?” but another listen and I’m starting to slowly ‘get’ some of it. The Polyphonic Spree sprang to mind. Well, maybe The Polyphonic Spree with a bunch more drugs. I don’t hate this album but I do think it will have to be a grower as I haven’t instantly warmed to much of it. Mind you, Heavens to Purgatory and Catharsis Boo quickly impressed me and I’m sure the long instrumental that is Patternicity is a work of genius. I’m sure it is, I just haven’t worked out why or how yet.

A confused 6.5/10 from me but hopefully I will have a more favourable view of it after some additional listening sessions.


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