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Album Review – The Singer by Teitur

The Singer by Teitur


Teitur is a singer-songwriter from the bleak and windy land of fishermen, the Faroe Islands (roughly between Norway and Iceland). He is now based in London.

As I settled down and began to listen to the album, I was struck by how evocative the instrumentation was. There was a nakedness to it that was quite pronounced and the percussion used all served a purpose. Even more noticeable is how the strings of the double bass are used in such a way as to create an unsettling feeling; as if something sinister is just around the corner. For anyone who has watched any Ingmar Bergman movies this will likely resonate. I love Bergman’s creations and some of them instantly came to mind when I listened to this album.

Despite what I’ve said already, this is far from an esoteric concept album and is actually very accessible. If you enjoy a stripped-down approach to music where producers haven’t ‘produced’ things to within an inch of their lives, this album should appeal. It’s a collection that, if you don’t listen very closely, seems rather relaxing but a more deliberate listen will reveal disturbing stories and instrumentation of simple beauty.

The tracks I found most memorable are Legendary Afterparty, Catherine The Waitress and The Girl I Don’t Know but I had no compulsion to skip past any of the other tracks. This album may not be instantly a favourite but I do feel that, if you persevere with it, the experience will be very rewarding. An enthusiastic 7/10 from me.


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