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Album Review – Crossing The Rubicon by The Sounds

Crossing The Rubicon by The Sounds


The Sounds are a Swedish indie band who formed in 1999. I have joked with friends a few times that Sweden seems to have a production line of good bands and churns them out at an amazing rate. I’m certainly into a few of them.

I listened to this album based on hearing a single track of theirs previously (4 Songs & A Fight) and, now that I’ve listened to the whole album, I can’t say I’m overly excited by it. I was never very sure what they were trying to be. Sometimes they wavered toward sounding like Be Your Own Pet and at other times seemed a bit like Paramore. They even sounded a bit like No Doubt (who I believe they are supporting in California this month) in places. The lyrics aren’t very strong and guitars have been turned down in favour of upping the synth volumes.

In terms of individual tracks, I’d probably pick out Dorchester Hotel as being the strongest. There are so many great Swedish bands out there though – search some out rather than spending too much time on The Sounds. 6/10


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