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Album Review – Years of Refusal by Morrissey

Years of Refusal by Morrissey


Mention Morrissey and you are very likely to evoke a reaction in someone. Whether it be positive or negative, he seems to have impact upon people.

His 10th solo album, Years of Refusal, was released back in February but I have just got around to listening to it in full with a mind to review it. I should begin by saying that nothing Morrissey has done post-Smiths has come remotely close to what he and Johnny Marr created together and probably never will. That isn’t quite as damning as it sounds though, considering the gems they spat out.

The word on the street seemed to be that this was a return to form for Moz and I can certainly agree that it is a much more credible album than his previous two. I remember seeing him performing live last year on some TV show and thinking how much like an out of touch pub-singer he seemed to be. Before the Morrissey fanatics start sending death threats, I take no pleasure in the view. I’m very much an admirer of his – I just feel he has enough of a legacy to step away and leave us with happy memories and wonderful songs aplenty. Of course, this is Morrissey. He will not give a damn about what anyone else thinks he should do.

The album itself is very listenable. I had heard All You Need Is Me many months ago and really felt it was a fantastic composition, full of all the pomp required to pull it off. Now that the rest of the album has been unleashed, I’d still say All You Need Is Me is the strongest track. Notable mention for Black Cloud though – this is delivered beautifully – and also You Were Good In Your Time which unsettles and soothes in equal measure.

Could I listen to the album every now and then? Of course. Am I likely to listen to it more often than The Smiths. Highly unlikely. And, unfortunately, the brilliance of The Smiths is how I and many others will continue to judge Stephen Patrick Morrissey. 6.5/10.


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