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Album Review – Waxing Gibbous by Malcolm Middleton

Waxing Gibbous by Malcolm Middleton


Away from Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton has been a busy boy since 2007 – having just released his 3rd solo album in 3 years. Cynics might say the punishing release schedule is to capitalize on his mini-fame following the campaign to make We’re All Going To Die a UK Christmas number one in 2007. Regardless of the reasoning behind his output, he is a vocalist I have a lot of time for. He retains the miserable overtones of Arab Strap but looks at the tragedies of life with more of a wry smile than a world-weary sigh.

The latest album demonstrates that Middleton is continuing to improve his songwriting with another accomplished bunch of verses. Rightly or wrongly though, I still feel his 2007 release, A Brighter Beat, hasn’t been surpassed yet. The new album contains plenty to be enthusiastic about (Red Travellin’ Socks is an immense song that I defy you to listen to without grinning, Shadows is well structured and Subset of the World is perfect for pondering life to) but it just doesn’t seem to all pull together quite as well as A Brighter Beat. By no means a poor album though – 7/10 from me.


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