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Album Review – Music For Men by Gossip

Music For Men by Gossip


I remember when hype first started to surround Gossip. Until then, they had gone about their business not really giving a damn about whether they achieved mainstream recognition or not. They had a loyal underground following and their bootleg live CDs were in demand. Personally, I was quite taken with Beth Ditto’s voice and liked how she could effortlessly move between singing touching ballads or shouting over the top of a cacophony of seemingly disjointed instrumentation.

Music For Men is the latest offering and features the production expertise of a certain Rick Rubin. For me, I think that is where the problem occurs. Sure, it’s a slickly produced album that holds together well but that is almost the antithesis of what Gossip previously represented. The appeal for many of us was the ramshackle feel that performances had and the energy that went into them. It now sounds like Ditto has become somewhat akin to Pat Benatar surrounded by synths. That is perhaps a tad unfair as I definitely don’t hate this album – I just don’t feel any passion in it. If I had to pick out a couple of tracks I’d go for Heavy Cross, a track that retains some punch, and Pop Goes The World, a track that is unashamedly ‘pop’ but actually seems to work. Overall – 6.5/10.


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