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Album Review – The Eternal by Sonic Youth

The Eternal by South Youth


Astonishingly, Sonic Youth now have 30 years on the clock. The Eternal is their 16th studio album. I should begin by disclosing that I am already a big fan of their work and I am perhaps not an ideal critic. However, I’m not going to tell you that this album is a masterpiece that will have a timeless classic quality and become one of their defining albums. It is though an album that demonstrates they definitely haven’t lost it yet. It really is more of the same from this legendary band. They’ve had their share of groundbreaking work over the years and this album is a polished demonstration of all that work leading to a proficiency that is assuring. Yes, hearing the raw energy of a brand new band who haven’t had the opportunity to become cynical or formulaic is very exciting but it’s also very pleasurable to experience craftsmen drawing on years of experience to create something worthwhile. That is how I look on this album. There is plenty to choose from on the album, with songwriting duties shared out as usual and stylistic differences between tracks. Every one is definitely Sonic Youth though. My early favourites are probably No Way and Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn. Overall, 7.5/10 from me.


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