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Sorry I deserted you! Anyone still following?

Wow – is it really 9 months since I updated the blog?

My humble apologies. Life got busy with Uni, socialising and other stuff.

Throw a comment next to this post if you are still following this blog and I’ll start throwing out some new recommendations. I have tons of Spotify playlists I can also share 🙂


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Please Provide Feedback


Ok – last post from me before I take a short break.

Whilst I’m away, I would really appreciate hearing what visitors to the Indie Music Hour blog think of the content, which features are best/worst and what new content would make you likely to visit more frequently and stay for longer.

To provide a little background – this blog was originally used as nothing more than a tracklisting page for my Indie Music Hour podcasts. I then decided to start making proper use of it and gradually added features (music scene news, music vidz, album reviews, spotify playlists, unsigned artists). Traffic figures have been good so I assume that the type of content on the blog is worthwhile but I think I need to get some specific feedback from people. So, please either comment on this post or use the contact form on the right hand side of the page to send me a private message.

When providing feedback, try to think along these lines:

1. What aspects of Indie Music Hour do I like most?
2. What aspects of Indie Music Hour do I like least?
3. What additional features/content would I like to see?
4. What would make me visit more regularly and stay longer?
5. What does my favourite music blog have that Indie Music Hour doesn’t?

Thanks very much! I’ll review all comments and put together a response when I get back to the UK.


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Amsterdam Beckons!


I’m conscious that my posting rate has slowed a little lately and that I haven’t released a podcast since the end of last month. I’ll try to rectify both those issues during September when I will hopefully have a little more free time.

I leave for Amsterdam soon so I will not be updating the blog for the next 5 or 6 days. Please don’t abandon Indie Music Hour though as it is far from redundant!

In the meantime, have a read of my next post regarding feedback and contribute what you can.



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Spotify Playlists – Another from Julia


Julia has been presented with a big list of recommended tracks and she’s kindly converted it into a Spotify playlist. You can listen HERE

If anyone else feels like putting together playlists, I’d love to add them to the blog. Contact me using the form on the front page or leave a comment under the post 🙂

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Music Vidz – Train Under Water by Bright Eyes (live)

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Music Vidz – Munich by Editors (live acoustic version)

Apparently I have never scrobbled this either.

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Music Vidz – Totem on the Timeline by Klaxons

And another.

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Music Vidz – Tahiti by Bat For Lashes (live)

Another that was recommended to me by an inanimate object.

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Music Vidz – In Bloom by Nirvana

I was messing around with the cool lastfm tools over at Heat Haze and I decided to see what unscrobbled tracks it’d recommend. Turns out I had never scrobbled this great track!

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Music Scene News – 20th & 21st August Round-Up

latest news

Bon Iver going to do a 27th September gig in a cemetery at 6am. Venue is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA.

Camera Obscura kick off their European tour in Wales on Sunday. They will tour right through until November and head for America.

It seems GGF’s purchase of The Pirate Bay is now in doubt after their shares were suspended on the Swedish stock exchange.

Be careful if you are trying to buy tickets for the Reading/Leeds festival. There are a lot of fake sites springing up.

The Rakes are touring in America from 31st October.

The banned Rolling Stones documentary Cocksucker Blues, featuring hookers and coke snorting has found its way online. See part of it HERE

Passion Pit are opening for Phoenix at New York Summerstage next month and will then head off to other states to do their own headline shows.

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